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Country Porch Homestead Session | Calgary Family Photographer | Chelsea + Connor

In September 2022, I had the privilege of photographing Chelsea and Connor's family session on their beautiful homestead outside of Ottawa, Ontario. The hot and humid weather, unique weeping willows, and charming countryside porch made for the perfect setting for this special family session.

As I arrived at their home property, I was immediately struck by the whimsical pond on the property and hanging swing that Chelsea, Connor, and their two little ones often spend time on. It was a pleasure to capture the joy and love that they share as a family, and to document the memories that they created on their property.

This was my third time photographing Chelsea and Connor, but this session was particularly special because it took place on their own property. It was a wonderful opportunity to capture their family in a setting that holds so much meaning for them, and to showcase the unique beauty of their homestead in Ontario, pretty far west for this calgary family photographer.

As a couples photographer, I was able to capture the special moments that Chelsea, Connor, and their little ones shared on their property, from playing on the swing on the countryside porch to wandering the whole yard. These images are not only a beautiful reminder of their time together, but also a celebration of the love and connection that they share as a family and that an amazing life can look so many ways, this just happens to be a reaaaaally special one.

For families looking to capture their special moments, there is no better setting than their own home or property, or where mom and dad met, or somewhere you like to holiday. It allows for a personalized and intimate session, free from the constraints of tradition and expectation. Chelsea and Connor's session was a beautiful reminder of the value of creating memories in a space that holds so much meaning and significance.

And to Chelsea, thank you. Thank you for always trusting me, for supporting me, having my back, inspiring the shit out of me and being someone I love looking down to look up to. If you're looking for a fine art style photographer in Ottawa look no further than her business.

If you're looking to capture your own family's special moments, whether it's in your own backyard or a favorite outdoor spot, I would love to work with you to create personalized and meaningful images that showcase your unique love and connection. Let's create images that take you back to these good old days.


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