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Helicopter Surprise Elopement | Banff Elopement Photographer | Emilie + Stu

Emilie, being a long time friend of mine- is someone I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing before, in fact the last time I photographed her was a couples session with her and her now hubby, Stu, a few years back. THIS TIME THOUGH, the three of us had loosely planned a couples session for this very afternoon, but Stu took it into his own hands to turn the couple session she was expecting, into a helicopter-adventure-engagement-on the spot-elopement.

It all started last spring, when one afternoon, I got a very calm but hella excited call from Stu, asking me what my thoughts were on helicopters. He explained to me that he had run into an old work friend of his, who happened to be a now helicopter pilot and the plan began forming when Stu threw the idea out to him. Over the next few months, Stu and I began to plan times, weather, bouquets, and how to keep throwing Emilie off, so I continued to not say anything to her as she began sending me inspo for the session, and what her vision was- she knew it was going to be out in the mountains but the helicopter and everything that followed was a complete surprise. The absolute cherry on top of this whole thing, was that not only had Stu asked her dad’s permission, but asked if he would come along and officiate the whole thing. Fast forward to 8am on August 22nd, Chris (Emilie’s dad) + I drove to the heliport together where we took off on our hour long trip to the secluded spot Stu had scoped out weeks before. We landed, Chris + I got time to really talk and I was able to scope out how/where we were going to hide, with only a loose plan of how I was to capture the surprise proposal. After we were dropped off, the helicopter went to the surprise location where Stu acted as if they didn’t know one another, and he offered them a free ride as it was a gorgeous day in the Rocky Mountains, and figured they might want a ride- the came back overhead 30 minutes later and when we heard them we tucked away- from there on you can see how it all plays out :)

Thank you both for reassuring in me that deep seeded intention is the bravest thing on this planet, for doing what is right for you and for trusting me to have your back + be there celebrating with you. I can't say enough about how this has forever changed me. Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime ♡ wishing you both, and your two dog children the absolute most happiness this life has to offer ♡

Unnnnnnreal bouquet: Chickweed Cottage


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