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Katelyn + Callum | Mountain Elopement Photographer | Kananaskis, AB

It’s no secret that I adore shooting in the mountains, but this evening out near Canmore, AB in Kananaskis I got to spend time with Katelyn + Callum in their wedding attire and it was all sorts of goodness. Since Kananaskis is legitimately a 40 minute drive from my doorstep, I will take any opportunity to get out there, so shooting formals for these two hunnies was exactly what I wanted to spend my late summer evening doing. I remember it still being so warm and can still hear the bugs hitting the windshield as I made my very familiar way to where we were meeting.

Music, laughter, dancing, running, more laughing and a few hours later, these were some of the moments we held onto so closely from that evening. These adventure sessions in your wedding clothes are perfect if you’re someone who wants to either keep up with a yearly anniversary tradition, celebrate your marriage with some adventure photos after the actual wedding day, or just the fuck because.

I'd loooove love to hear from you if you're feeling like you want to show down outside of your wedding day, maybe reminisce on your life together and realize that you're right in the middle of living the good old days.


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