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Calgary Engagement Photographer | Kananaskis Couples Session | Katrina + Robert

Katrina + Robert were my first snowy session of the 2020/2021 season and they kicked it off with the best choice in location in Bragg Creek. Her birthday is in October and they figured making the trip from Lacombe down south to the mountains for their session + into the weekend would be a great way to celebrate! We met and wandered around the creek beds, talking about fishing and camping and how we can't wait to get out and do even more of it than we did the previous summer. I mentioned Mclean Creek Campground to them, which wasn't far from where we were shooting and told them how beautiful and quiet it was when Cole and I had checked it out earlier that summer.

Not only do we all love to camp and spend time outdoors, but the music suggestions they had given to me where right up my own ally, so not only did we get to visit for 2 hours and talk about all things them and camping, but we also did a lot of dancing haha. I'm so thankful couples take the time to fill out the questionnaires I send so that I can get an even better sense of who they are, what they love and all that is important to them. We were able to talk about things that brought them together, things they've learned and all the bits and pieces that make them appreciate one another. I guess that's something about being able to shoot in the vastness of the Rocky Mountains right here in Alberta, but something about shooting in an area that is so massive, so quiet and that day, so snowy, that leaves so much room to just be together in awe.

K + R thank you for taking the time to drive down towards Calgary, let me photograph you as a couple and just take in all the love you two have for one another. Camping this summer right?

Read what they had to say about their experience shooting with me here!

April bookings and dates into the summer are available for booking as of now, so if you're thinking of reaching out + are wanting to press pause on your moments- shoot me a message on my booking page down at my contract form! xxxxx


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