Megan + Bryan

We adventured on the beaches deep into the Rocky Mountains in Kananaskis near Banff, AB for Megan + Bryans couples session that they won during my brand launch a few months back! Megan + Bryan met on a law school ski trip, he didn't make the best first impression, she wasn't a huge fan but you would never ever know it. Something about these two is electric, and makes me excited to see what their life together and the continuation of their story has in store for them. Between loving to relax together, loving the best cocktails + snacks in the nude in their apartments and their infections laughter that is hard not to become a part of I was reminded that your people- the ones that fill you up and you can just work through life with while enjoying the simple things in life, are among the absolute most precious things.

Let people take care of you.

Let people surprise you.

Let yourself truly relax doing WHAT TF YOU LOVE.

Appreciate when people have similar interests; and appreciate the things you learn from people who don't.

Voice your opinion without the need to argue or be right.

Eat + over eat what you love.

Laugh until your guts + face hurt.

Listen to understand.

Trust that your people would never want you any other way.

All of these things were such welcomed reminders that were swirling around my head on my drive home from Kananaskis, AB the night Megan, Bryan and I pressed pause to remember all the best things snuggled in the Rocky Mountains.

My intention is always that I want these photos to be more than photos, and I KNOW they can be, so when Megan let me know, "Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for the both of us <3" I knew we had slowed down justtttt enough.

Just to say I am also officially booking into the weekdays of September + October, so if you're obsessed with your partner + are wanting to press pause on your moments- shoot ya girl a message on my booking page down at my contract form! xxxxx


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