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Madison + Jason | Red Deer In Home Couple Photographer

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to shoot a fellow photographer, among other photographers during The Curated Club (hosted by my good pal Kaihla Tonai), during their cozy in home couples session. What a cool experience it was to thrive off of the people I was shooting with, as well from a couple like Madison + Jason.

If I recall correctly, the morning I spent with these two in their eclectic, scandinavian and especially cozy home-- was the last big snow storm that came through central alberta this past spring. Temperatures outside were subzero to say the very least, but tucked away inside, we made magic for the late part of the quiet morning together. We joked about the ‘routine of it all’ and what a real day would look like if we really did spend an hour making and enjoying our coffee, snuggling on the couch, and rolling around on the bed into the afternoon-- and come to think of it, isn’t that sort of what we do, without realizing it in such a large capacity?

I guess what I mean to say is, maybe your ‘coffee time’ isn’t always sitting down together in uninterrupted time, sometimes its while you’re washing your to-go mugs after supper and you get a few minutes to talk about your day. And what if snuggling on the couch doesn’t happen as often as you’d like, but it’s 100% reserved for when one of you is sick? And as for being in the same bed, isn’t that something you count your blessings everyday, anyway?

The few hours we all got to spend together reminded me that what I am so f*cking privileged to do is so unbelievably important. I want to have the conversations that make you honestly laugh-- sure, and I want you to be able to see how breathing in and out together really can stop time, but above all else, I want you to remember that the photos I get to create with you, are just a moment in time. They are moments you willingly, knowingly and intentionally made with one another, and above all else, living these moments and so presently gives me a responsibility unbeknownst to me, to preserve; just to remember that all things, even like the snow that morning, are temporary.

As I mentioned above, Madison is a fellow photographer, and she's located like I said, in Red Deer, Alberta, you can check her out on her gorgeous website.


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