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McKenna + Zach | Saskatchewan Wedding Photographer

How do I even start with this post? If ever there were people who I wanted to adopt me into their lives, as friends + as someone to just lurk their beautiful life and be a fly on the wall of their small town home, it would be these two. McKenna + Zach got married this past December in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan and wait, thats another reason I want them to adopt me-- I love small rural Saskatchewan towns, alotttt, and I was lucky enough to spend the day with them.

2017 summer was the first time I got to spend time with both of them + we spent an entire evening dancing and literally laughing our way through field after field, and getting an education on peas (thats what was planted in the first field haha). It wasn't long after that evening in July that I got a message in my inbox inquiring about shooting their wedding, to which I literally screamed. Although their wedding day was in much colder, different weather, their relationship had only seemed to intensify; especially after Mckenna breaking her leg in multiple spots this summer and you know what they say, a good hubby is a hubby who cooks (which I learnt Zach picked up the slack in since she broke her leg). Point blank, you two are amazing people. Thank you for letting me rave into all hours of the night dancing with you and your guests, for trusting me and having me over to hang with friends and you the night before- you have NO idea what that means to me.

So in light of the new year, cheers to bomb ass new friends, to McKenna + Zach Body and to another blog post of a beautifully intentional couple. OH and cheers to music through another video below.