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Summer Beach Maternity Session | Central Alberta Photographer | kate + Chris

When Kate + Kris met me for their session this past summer one evening, we met at the campground of the lake she grew up on and shot until the sun went down. Before I meet with my couples, and they were no different, I spend a little time getting to know them, and what I knew of them- before completely deciding where the location was going to be- was that they loved being on the lake. Any lake- and that’s what the envisioned when they saw their future together. Day’s at the lake, family camping trips and living a full life at the cabin. Naturally, after finding that out I pitched the idea of shooting at the her childhood lake and we instantly agreed it was going to be the spot. There were a few times; on the dock, standing watching the dragonflies fly around in the deep grass + looking out into the horizon on the water that we spoke about this location really being more special than any of us had anticipated.

These photos are for you, they will be for your family, your kids kids kids, + I want you to know that I know that- and that I feel so lucky to hold room for the things that are important to you and the life you’ll leave when you’re gone.

I’m here for you- I’m here for the long game guys. Congratulations on baby Brooks <3

To book a session + evening of your own head over to my contact page and let's chat!


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