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Tanner + Leah | Kananaskis Engagement Session

When I heard from Tanner, and he mentioned they have a doodle puppy and are from Saskatchewan (where my camping heart belongs if you didn't know) I was so stoked to get them in front of my camera out in the mountains along the water of Barrier Lake. My favorite sessions, if you didn't know are the ones where we get to hang out as friends, and I can help along on a super fun date night, which is what their whole trip here practically was. We talked about relationship advice and how to keep things real in your relationship, which is always something I ask during my sessions. These guys gave me advice that I didn't know I needed, "Make what is important to the other person important to you." and I've been doing my best to live that, along with all the other unreal advice you guys have all given me over the years.

These two, this night, the mountains + getting to know one another are all things I am high key obsessed with.


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