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Kodi + Jared | Central Alberta Wedding Photographer

Where else to begin besides the fact that I learned very quickly how much Kodi + Jared value, respect, and appreciate one another.

There were so many times throughout the day that people, themselves included, mentioned how "unconventional" their relationship was-- due to the fact they had their young, and incredibly amazing daughter, Lydia, earlier than most couples-- 5 years ago (I believe.) Each time I heard someone say that, I looked over at the three of them and thought to myself, "What do you mean 'unconventional'? They care about, support, appreciate, respect and above all else, love eachother more tenderly than some other couples I've ever seen. Whats so 'unconventional' about that?" Maybe the fact that they had a bigger support network here than a 'conventional' relationship. Or was it because both of them willingly jumped into a life together as parents was 'unconventional'. The only thing I can say with confidence is that I cried more this past Saturday than I do on most of my past 'conventional' weddings.

Being able to watch Kodi + Jared (and Lydia) grow together, through lifes growing pains, through parenthood, through finding consistent jobs, and above all else, choosing to come back to one another after each and every single day, is something that I know I am SO lucky to have witnessed. Their day was full of family and of their supportive and most loved close friends, and seeing them surrounded with such an abundance of love and support truly has me in tears writing this right now.

You three, thank you.

Thank you for so truly opening your arms-- and hearts, to me, and for making me not just feel like a vendor, but like a friend you couldn't have done this without.

I couldn't do this without people like you.

Congratulations + please enjoy this much much much too long post with ALL my favorite memories of your day. (& for now I'm unsure as to how adding music on this new blog works, so press play on this video for some lovely tunes to accompany this day to remember)







If you made it all the way through this 9 year long blog post, seeing Kodi + Jared's day from my angle, thank you too.

xoxo all my love to you, Kodi, Jared + little Lydia.


Dress + jewlery: Davids Bridal

Hair: Zahava Blake Pro Makeup Artistry

Ceremony Location: Wolf's Botanical

Reception Location: Lacombe Memorial Centre

Catering: Leto Steak & Seafood House


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