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Sophie + Ryan | Central Alberta Wedding Photographer

It feels like a long time since Sophie, Ryan and I ventured out in Kananaskis for their engagement session during the summer of 2017- and although it meant waiting over a year to photograph their wedding, I was looking forward to spending the entire day being a witness to their relationship and love. My favorite part of their day was the ability they had to be unapologetically themselves in front of one another, family and their friends ALL day. These two have a way of making you feel like you're in on all their inside jokes, and made me feel like a friend that just got to spend their wedding day along side them, and for that I'm so thankful.

If you're wanting to take a look at their day, feel their laughs make their way onto your own face and take the time to appreciate their love- please make your way through another one of my ever-long blog posts and as always, press play on this video of music haha. *still haven't figured out how to add music lmao*