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Lindsay + Matt | Badland Elopement Photographer

Spending a whole summer evening wandering with Lindsay + Matt through the badlands near Drumheller, Alberta was the perfect start to my summer wedding season. On the drive out with Kaihla, as we wondered if we were going to get absolutely dumped on during the session, we mentioned how cool and soft the lighting is when it's over cast, and boy is it ever. Over the two hours we spent running around (literally) and enjoying the smell of rain that the wind blew towards us from afar, we slowed down, laughed a lot (mostly at me) and got to reminisce about their anniversary that was coming only mere weeks from that day.

Thank you both for being my muse, and filling my cup for the evening, and even still as I write this post. XO

OH! And I should mention that Kaihla + I were meeting a handful of other amazing creatives from all over the province to shoot alongside us with the Curated Club!


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