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Nikala + Travis | Waterton Wedding Photographer

I am going to be a little bit off topic here with this being a wedding post, but this entire weekend was a perfect reminder as to why I feel free because of this job-- does that make sense? I took off for Waterton on Friday morning, driving south from Calgary through country side that satisfies all the longing corners in my heart. I remember driving through the prairies of southern Alberta in sunshine that seemed to lay a perfect blanket of warmth over everything, and as I neared the rockies, the clouds came and set in for nearly the entire weekend. I had found new music earlier that week that resonated with me so deeply and had it on repeat as I drove through changing scenery to go meet up with Nikala + Travis. It was just kind of one of those weekends for me where my heart felt immense peace in all aspects, and thats not something that happens very often for me. I was in no rush to be anywhere, which is saying something because typically I'm late for everything, and I was whole heartedly trusted to capture images from this glorious weekend with the two of them and their friends and family.

It was windy, rainy and for some reason I remember feeling entirely overcome with calm. When I am lucky enough to be trusted to this extent, to be given the room to create with no expectations, those are the moments I know I rise. Nikala + Travis, thank you for being ready for everything, including moving your ceremony indoors the night before due to the weather, for my ridiculous tactics and trusting all of us. xoxox click below for some music, because this was one of those songs that I listened to on repeat all weekend, and trust me you'll want to click play before you scroll.