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Anna + Carter | Kananaskis Engagement Session

When you get people like Anna + Carter (and their pup Chance *the rapper*) to agree to adventure with you in the heart of Kananaskis because the mountains are what feels home to them- a whole shit load of magic is made. Sure the evening started out with a speeding ticket (truthfully I've talked my way out of so many GD speeding tickets on my way to/from/during sessions that this one was looooooong overdue, I thought I broke my toe and we dodged wildlife and a huge ass downpour just mere kilometers from where we were- but everything this night was about I won't ever forget.

We slowly made our way around the shores of the lake nestled in the Rocky Mountains, having Chance take a dip into the water, hearing so many laughs + having them say "we are so awkward SORRY" so many times I almost drowned it out hahah.

My intention is always that I want these photos to be more than photos, and I KNOW they can be, so when Anna let me know, "Carter and I smiled, giggled, and couldn't get over how well you captured us and how we feel for each other....we had a blast shooting with you. You made it really fun and we are so happy that it was you taking these photos for us, it makes them that much more special!" I had a small cry- maybe you will too looking through them!

I am also officially booking into the weekdays of September, so if you're obsessed with your partner + are wanting to press pause on your moments- shoot ya girl a message on my booking page down at my contract form! xxxxx

Check out Anna + Carter's wedding day over here!


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