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Anna + Carter | Medicine Hat Wedding Photographer

Cole and I left Calgary bright and early the day before Anna + Carter's wedding and hit the road to where I first met Anna, in Medicine Hat, AB- where the next day their immediate family + closest friends would celebrate their wedding day in her parent's backyard- it was everything relaxed, gorgeous, and filled with love. There wasn't much about their day that happened as it was originally planned since Covid came in and did it's thing, but they didn't let that put a damper on their day or how they decided to celebrate their love.

These two human beings are some of the most thoughtful, generous, inviting and just overall warm people I know, so to be able to spend the entire day celebrating them + all their life has grown into was such an honor. When you hear that the things they admire about one another are things like kindness, respectfulness, outgoing, work ethic, and helpfulness; ability to nurture and love, have a great sense of humor, and think of others before themselves; it's actually wild to know that both Anna + Carter possess these qualities + compliment the others so effortlessly. WHICH I should also say was something that was visible throughout their wedding day; the effortlessness, ease and calm that was over everyone. From the moment I walked into the house with people getting ready, seeing the finishing touches being put on the yard and garage (yes, her dad had the garage redecorated to accommodate a reception), and the events that ensued all day until the sun fell into the horizon; it was one of the most calm days I've ever been apart of. I guess that's what happens when it's a day filled with your closest loved ones, and it's been something you've been waiting for your whole life. You're going to want to check this aaallllll out.

I hope you're always able to see and remember your mutual respect for one another, your honesty + trust in one another, and just how effortless you two are together. XOXOX

Dress: Lis Simon

Videographer: Legend Productions