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Surprise Mountain Proposal | Canmore Engagement Session | Kayla + Chris

As far as couples go, I won't ever ever get tired of photographing the love and your moments that you're living in. Surprise proposals (my favorite tips on how to plan the best surprise proposal here!) on the other hand, especially ones tucked away in the mountains, are something that are few and far between for me *I'd love to change that cause I MEAN LOOK* but hold a completely different place in my heart.

Okay so rewind to October 2018, I meet Kayla, @kay_collective, through instagram and we shoot portraits of each other in the mountains near Banff just because. We become pretty damn good friends and keep in touch pretty often. Fast forward to the beginning of this summer and I hear from her partner Chris asking about how in the world we could plan a surprise proposal for this girl. He let's me know "she is snoopy + plans everything" and so we figured that the best way to make it happen wasn't by having me hide away while they hiked (he doesn't hike and knew it would be a dead giveaway that something was happening) but by making her think it was her idea to plan the shoot all along- and so that's what we did! Months of being grossly persistent letting her know I was dying to shoot her again and wanted to get Chris in front of the camera with her, and she let me know she was coming to Canmore from Prince George to photograph an elopement of her own; and just like that it was alllllll her idea. Fast forward againnnnn, and right off the hop during a photoshoot that Kayla believed Chris was reluctant to participate in- we surprised her before she even knew how what to expect.

Congratulations girlfriend! Photographing you two was effortless + I can't wait to see the new role you step into together with just as much ease. xoxo + all my love.

Just to say I am also officially booking into the weekdays of September + October, so if you're obsessed with your partner + are wanting to press pause on your moments- shoot ya girl a message on my booking page down at my contract form! xxxxx

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Dylan Weeks
Dylan Weeks
Aug 28, 2021

Lovely bloog you have here

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