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Shelby + Jesse | Lacombe, AB Intimate Backyard Wedding

I've said it once + I'll say it before, I promise the images we take on your wedding day will serve as a safe space in remembering how life was then- annnnnnd how much your love has changed yet stayed the same. Celebrating Jesse + Shelby along with their closest friends and family (which I should also say was not the way they had originally envisioned it but COVID came in like and did it's thing) in the comfort of his parents backyard on the most gorgeous day in May was the best way I could imagine celebrating they love and wedding day. Ultimately they decided that what was important to them was moving forward together, married + letting life work its way out until they party with friends + more family later on this fall.

Hair by Tasha Novak (which stayed so well alllll day in like 25 degree weather, the above photo was the last of the day)


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