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Badlands Desert Engagement Session | Medicine Hat Wedding Photographer | Katherine + Jordy

If you're new here, I'm photographer near Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis and the general Canadian Rocky Mountains. Occasionally I get the opportunity to head to the little town of Medicine Hat (my college stomping grounds) and it's so nostalgic! But something I'll never quit appreciating, but one thing that comes with any of those locations as well as my home base of Calgary, Alberta- is that the plethora of unreal locations and couples is never in shortage.

Meeting Katherine and Jordy was a funny series of events that I have got to share with you, since Jordy and I actually went to school together back in Lacombe (my actual home town) and when Katherine booked and filled out the questionnaire with her partner's name as Jordy, a part of me wondered if it could be my friend Jordy who moved to Medicine Hat- and it turns out it was! When they got out of the vehicle at the session location, he burst out laughing and exclaimed, "Hahah Beth!?" We spent the evening with their dog Millie, wandering next to the Redcliffe Golf Course where it just so happens Jordy works- so when Katherine told me they got engaged during a round of golf, it was only fitting for what I knew of their story thus far that the location had some meaning to them since that's where they typically walked sweet Millie in the evenings after work. Check out their full review on my Google page!

One last thing, thank you so much for reminding me that we all need someone who balances us out, is the calm to our storm and gives us so much peace and grace, all while going with the flow <3 Congratulations to you both!!!

"She was coming to Medicine Hat a few weeks ago and I jumped at the opportunity for more pictures with my fiancé. Insert fiancé eye roll at more photos, but he’s a trouper and did so with without complaint. We raced to the shoot site right after work. Me being a planner and wanting photos to look perfect wasn’t completely happy with how I looked. My makeup and hair wasn’t done. I left it (my hair) in its natural habitat .... curly... which I never do for photos ...the first thing she said when we met was “ you are so pretty and I LOVE your hair! ” along with the slight shock ( from my fiancé and Elizabeth) that they both knew each other from high school .. Small world! It instantly put my mind at ease and set the mood to just embrace our natural authentic self. We felt completely comfortable the entire time. The whole experience was a blast, so easy and enjoyable from the moment we met to the time we said goodbye. I cannot say enough good things about her.

OH! I also don't know how this June is going by so quickly, but I wanted to say that I'm booking couples + engagement sessions into August + September! So if you've been thinking of reaching out + are wanting to press pause on your moments- shoot me a message on my booking page down on my contract form! xxxxx


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