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Summer Rocky Mountain Anniversary Session in the Rain | Kananaskis Photographer | Svetlana + Jon

Looking back on my summer last year as my 6th year as one of Calgary's best wedding photographers, I realized I have so many sessions I was able to shoot that weren't just wedding based. One summer evening in June, my 2020 clients Svetlana + Jon came out to Kananaskis and met me for an evening in the mountains photographing their one year anniversary. As we drove out, the rain was falling. And by falling, I mean POURING. Adventure sessions out in the mountains are one of the best parts of my job, and being able to be on the edge of rain clouds for the first half of the session was just the beginning to what was going to unfold for the whole session together. Another unbelievable part of what I do is getting the opportunity to connect with people over and over and over again, meeting and remeeting, catching up and checking in with and Svet + Jon are just two people I am so glad this job has brought unto my path multiple times now <3333333 As we drove from the first location to the second location, the rain just came down harder and heavier. With my hazards on I pulled over and ran back to their car to ask what they wanted to do; either drive back away from the rain and maybe push off the inevitable for 15 or so minutes longer, or take our time and get soaked doing it. They chose the latter and I was happy to try out the water resistance of my new gear. This summertime, rainy, mountain anniversary session is one I am so stoked to share with you. If you want to check out their Kananaskis Wedding Day, you can find it right below

"Jon and I got to sit and look through all of the pictures and Beth, honestly, omg. We stopped at EVERY picture and were both like OH MY GOSH WHAT WOW. Honestly, each photo made us speechless. There's an amount of emotion coming off of each picture I can't even describe to you. Looking at them I feel like we are back there. And that's what photos are supposed to be I guess, right? Before having you I didn't know they could do that.....I wish we could tuck you in our back pocket and bring you along for all of our travels so you can capture the raw beauty and emotion of our every day." Until next time my friends!


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