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Summertime Saskatchewan Farm Wedding | Alberta Photographer | Chris + Natalie

Usually when you book a wedding and it's the typical 12-18 months in advance, it gives you a lot of time to look forward to it which usually makes it that much sweeter. This particular day with Chris + Natalie was rescheduled from the 'vid' and pushed back an extra year; which meant maximum sweetness and maximum FUN was had (I mean A LOT, you're going to want to see the entire post really really). I headed out from Calgary and made my way to Saskatchewan for their Saturday celebration, but not before stopping to check out the Great Sand Hills just down the road from the farm the day before to see if we could make it work as a photo location for the bridal party photos. The day started with a neighbour crop plane drive by, very Saskatchewan, and then the sand hills turned out to be the perfect spot to have some shotgun beers and a lot of laughs a little later. We found some shelter under what felt like the only tree large enough to shade all 17 of us from the +36 degree heat that swept in alongside the smoke. But like I said, those beers really helped with climate control (if you know you know). Their ceremony was officiated by a family member, and they celebrated into the wee hours with all their closest friends and family for the rest of the day without having to leave their farm yard- which was key for the amount of fun being had. A Saskatchewan local band, Mitch Larock and the 454 did the most phenomenal job setting the tone for the night and keeping everyone hyped, dancing and most importantly celebrating for the first time in what felt like forever as all the pandemi things finally seemed to come to a close. When I say these guys got that party going, and kept it that way- I mean it (photo evidence for yourself) From belly button shots, straight arm pours, custom wedding tshirts they threw out + a party that didn't stop all night really, again, you're going to want to see it. Over 12 hours of coverage shooting this Sask wedding, and wishing it somehow could have been 24 since small towns, the people and the goodness their day held was the epitome of why I will always travel to where is important to you.

But to you Chris + Nat- your kindness, happiness, zest for life and all that comes with it is something I'll never forget being a part of. As I got to hear the story of how you two became, where you were both at as individuals, and how this life has unfolded for you together, Pura Vida Forever is exactly what I think of. The good life, take it easy and have a hell of a time doing it. I adore you both, your two little beans, and all the trust you put in me to show up as I am and have the best time celebrating you in the only way I know how. Here's to lifelong friendships, memories, lessons and experiences that I know I'll hold in my heart forever and ever- when I say you guys are stuck with me I absolutely mean it. Already looking forward to the next time I see ya! xx

"It was SO HARD to narrow it down to a few photos because WE LOVE THEM ALL. When I reflect back on our day, I remember feeling at ease, like I could enjoy every moment. You made us feel so comfortable, and allowed us to have FUN - that's what it's all about! You actually went above and beyond for us and we appreciated every minute you spent with us. I have been in six weddings and I have NEVER met a photographer that had all her ducks in a row, was so professional but also knew how to have a good time and make us feel comfortable." Check out what more they had to say right below about their experience working with me!